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The QEST4 System is a fully automated hardware and software bio-energetic testing device.

Praised by alternative healthcare providers worldwide as the most effective form of bio-energetic testing technology on the market today.

Details on anything QEST4 related can be found throughout this page.

Physics is revealing that human consciousness is an integrated field, not limited by the boundary of the body. This recognition allows us to look afresh at the intuitive forms of medicine that have long challenged the western mind, and build tools to integrate them in powerful new ways.

Moving beyond the materialistic view of health and dis-ease, we see the physical state of organs and tissues, as a consequence of a much wider set of processes. We exist as a multi-layered field where thought, emotion, relationship, and numerous interactions with the environment all play a role.

The QEST4 is a beautiful tool to support revealing these interrelationships in real-time, pointing to priorities, deepening the therapeutic relationship, and in our experience, enhancing clinical success.

What Is
Bio-Energetic Testing?


Who can use the QEST4?

The QEST4 system is in use around the world in a wide variety of alternative practices.

One could say there are as many QEST4 variations as there are practitioners using it.

Poke Bowl

Nutritional Therapists make extensive use of ‘Test-Plate testing’ to help gauge the energetic response to different foods, formulas and combinations.
The food Sensitivity Library finds widespread use to help tune-up dietary recommendations.

Beauty Product

Many Homeopaths feel instantly at home with the QEST4, which integrates the idea of ‘like treats like’ in its underlying philosophy. The ability to pre-scan through hundreds of homeopathic remedy signatures-among other things, allows you to accelerate your ‘reading’ of the client.


Although the QEST4 system has been predominantly used by those in the world of Alternative Medicine, slowly but surely medical practitioners trained in Allopathic Medicine have begun to recognize the numerous health benefits that stem from bio-energetic testing. 

Nurse Practitioners

​In recent years popularity of the QEST4 system has grown exponentially in the world of animal care.

Holistic Veterinarians across the country have discovered the amazing benefits of incorporating our specialized animal protocols into their wellness programs.


Naturopathic practitioners appreciate how QEST4 helps to reveal various patterns and links across numerous aspects or

‘energetic layers’ of the human body.

Guiding the practitioner towards the energetic disturbances that the body has been most altered by.


The understanding of how the body is interconnected in countless ways is what makes the QEST4 system such a valuable tool for Reflexologist.

QEST4 has the capability of evaluating each and every reflexology point within an extremely short time frame. 

Image by Phil Hearing

As a doctor of Osteopathy or Chiropractic, you have both a physician-level understanding of the human body and a holistic outlook. In the USA, where that discipline is often the first port of call for a variety of health issues, chiropractors are among the most frequent users of the QEST4 system. 


Those who have the proper knowledge and experience in working with acupuncture points understand the powerful effect restoring energy flow can have on an individual.

That is why the QEST4 system has become a favored tool of many Acupuncturist in the holistic world today. 

Back Massage

Through touch and pressure, the massage therapist works to improve the client's overall wellness by relieving pain, soothing injuries, increasing relaxation, and improving circulation.

With those goals in mind, QEST4 has become a valuable tool in the pursuit to bring balance back to the body.

Massage Therapists
Dentist Appointment

Holistic Dentistry is a unique field in which the health of the teeth is understood to be interconnected with the health of numerous other body systems.

With this understanding, Biological Dentists have found great success with bio-energetic testing.

Aromatherapy Oil

To find out more about the QEST4 system and how to take the next steps towards making a difference

And The List Goes On



QEST4 Evaluation

The QEST4 system was specifically designed to be utilized by practitioners who both respect and practice from a holistic viewpoint when working with their clients. From Acupuncturist to Nutritionist, the QEST4 supports each practitioner and client in the pursuit of health and wellness.


Listed below are just a few examples of the numerous types of reports a QEST4 user can provide their clients. This helps to significantly enhance the ability of the practitioner to educate their clients on the subject of energetic communication in the body, in a concise yet informative manner. 




QEST4 offers its users the choice between two unique versions of the system.

Both options are capable of utilizing the same software and delivering the same valuable information to the user.

Key differences between each version can be found in each image below.

Original Info.png
Mobile Info.png

QEST4 Database

The QEST4 database is truly wide-ranging, with over 45,000 energetic signatures.

You can create customized tests, and take advantage of tried and tested protocols already pre-configured.

The system is extensively categorized, allowing you to setup tests reflecting your areas of knowledge. Libraries of data cover many different aspects of health from physiology and biochemistry to emotions and affirmations, with due weight given to the major natural health modalities including Nutrition, Herbs, Naturopathy, Homeopathy, Chinese Medicine, among many others.


Curious about the QEST4?

Have questions about usage, training or purchasing?

Check out our Frequently Asked Questions page to find the answers to our most commonly asked questions.

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