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Basic & Intermediate Course

  • History of Bio-Energetic Testing

  • Getting Started with the QEST4

  • Standard Testing & Protocol Utilization

  • Understanding & Explaining Results

  • Reports & Client Consult 

  • Veterinary & Pediatric Protocols

  • The Politics of Alternative Therapies 

  • Additional Features of the QEST4

  • Business Strategies

  • Marketing Tactics

2022 Dates

  • August 8th – 11th

  • November 7th – 10th

Advanced Course *Certified Attendees Only

  • Advanced Allergy Protocol

  • Emotional Detox Protocol

  • Advanced Lyme Protocol

  • Brain & Nervous System Disorders Protocol

  • Isolating Toxins in Specific Areas

  • Healing the Gut Protocol

  • Vital Force Test

  • Advanced Addiction Protocol

  • Advanced Marketing Tactics

  • Innovative Research & Beneficial Information

2022 Dates

  • September 26th - 28th

  • December 5th – 7th

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