How long does it take to get a full evaluation by a QEST4 Technician?

Although the testing process typically takes between 1 to 4 minutes to complete, the full evaluation generally lasts up to 1 hour. This includes addressing questions and concerns, designing custom protocols, and creating/selecting products that best suit the individuals needs.

Is the QEST4 system a diagnostic device?

No. The QEST4 system is not in any way, shape or form a diagnostic device. The QEST4 system is a bio-energetic testing device which can and should only be used to address energetic imbalances in an individuals energetic field. Click HERE for more detail on this topic.

What exactly do the QEST4 results signify?

Click HERE for a full explanation to this question.

Does Natural Solutions offer QEST4 testing?

Yes. Natural Solutions, PHC offers each client the option of either being tested in person at our facility or by mailing in DNA samples for bio-energetic testing, also known as "Meridian Stress Analysis". You can learn more about these options by clicking HERE.

What kinds of alternative therapies does Natural Solutions offer?

Natural Solutions offers a variety of unique and beneficial technologies to help each and every client move towards a state of health and wellness. For a comprehensive list of alternative therapies offered by Natural Solutions, click HERE.

How do I get in contact with Natural Solutions?

If you are looking to speak with a team member from Natural Solutions, simply give us a call at (229) 777-7712. Office hours are Monday - Thursday 9:00AM - 5:00PM EST. Click HERE to contact us my email.

What does the "PHC" in 'Natural Solutions, PHC' stand for?

Natural Solutions, PHC stands for "Proactive Health Concepts". Natural Solutions strives to stay on the cutting edge in all things alternative health. Incorporating a variety of unique concepts into it's business model that are considered by many to be "ahead of the game". "PHC" is a constant reminder for those at Natural Solutions that when it comes to one's health, there is far more power in being proactive than there is in being reactive.


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