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Bring a new dimension to your health and wellness practice with the world-renowned QEST4.


Through MSA Testing, also known as Bio-Energetic Testing, Natural Solutions, PHC offers every client the tools necessary to help accurately determine which specialized protocols are best suited to address the individual’s unique energetic needs.


Since 2013, Natural Solutions PHC has proudly served as the sole distributor of the Qest4 System for the United States, Canada, and Mexico. Providing intermediate and advanced Qest4 training, alternative business education, and overall support for both Asyra and Qest4 systems and users nationwide.

Natural Solutions PHC specializes in a wide variety of proactive health concepts to holistically-minded individuals looking to enhance and support the overall level of vitality and wellness they are looking to achieve.


The QEST4 Distributor for the United States, Canada, and Mexico

for Proactive Health Concepts