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  • How do I use the FAQ page?
    Above this question you will notice there are numerous clickable categories listed as follows: CLINICAL USE, TRAINING, FEATURES & CAPABILITIES, PURCHASING. Clicking on any of these categories will present you with a list of questions related to that particular category. You may also narrow down your search even further by clicking on the magnifying glass icon in the top right corner of the FAQ box and typing in a keyword that would be related to your question. Also, a list of questions that require a much more detailed explanation can be found as you scroll towards the bottom of this FAQ page.
  • Is the QEST4 system easy to learn and operate?
    Yes. If the included training information is utilized properly during the certification process, then taking advantage of the full capabilities of the QEST4 system is easily attainable.
  • Can the QEST4 system be customized to complement a specific clinical approach?
    Yes. An unlimited number of specialized tests can be created and adapted to meet a variety of clinical objectives.
  • Are the QEST4 system's test results easy to understand, or will they require time-consuming interpretation?"
    Test results are presented in simple, straightforward reports that are easy to understand and explain. Reports can be printed or sent to a patient via e-mail.
  • How long does it take to run an analysis with the QEST4 system?
    Tests take anywhere from one to four minutes. A Comprehensive Analysis, including the Baseline, takes under 3 minutes.
  • How is the QEST4 system's testing process so fast?
    The QEST4 system's database utilizes a unique digital filtering technology combined with a specific methodology that generates better results in a shorter time compared to other bio-energetic devices.
  • Is the QEST4 system a diagnostic device?
    No. The QEST4 system is not in any way, shape or form a diagnostic device. The QEST4 system is a bio-energetic testing device which can and should only be used to address energetic imbalances in an individuals energetic field. Click HERE for more detail on this topic.
  • What types of professionals most commonly use the QEST4 system?
    Although the use of a QEST4 system is not limited to a specific specialty, popularity of this technology has grown in numerous fields. The most common users are generally M.D.s, N.D.s, D.O.s, D.C.s, R.N.s, Holistic Veterinarians, Acupuncturists, Reflexologist, Massage Therapists, Nutritional Counselors, etc.
  • What does “energetic” mean in regards to "energetic testing"?"
    Click HERE for a full explanation to this question.
  • What exactly do the results signify?
    Click HERE for a full explanation to this question.
  • How is this used in health and wellness practices?
    Click HERE for a full explanation to this question.
  • Do test results correlate with symptoms?
    Click HERE for a full explanation to this question.
  • Are the test results repeatable?
    Click HERE for a full explanation to this question.
  • How do I become certified to use the QEST4 system?
    Purchasing a new QEST4 system gives the owner free premium access for two people to both the Online Foundational Program and Advanced Online or In-Class Training Programs.
  • What if I prefer a hands-on training?
    For those who prefer a hands-on style of training, courses are provided as part of the cost of the system, through Natural Solutions PHC from whom you purchase the system. More information about the Advanced In-Class Training Program can be found HERE.
  • What if I can't travel to the In-Class Training Program?
    If you are unable to attend the In-Class Training Program, then you can still become both trained and certified via the Online Training Program included with the purchase of your QEST4 system.
  • How long does it take to complete the Advanced In-Class Training Program?
    The Advanced In-Class Training Program is in total, a 4 day course. Starting on Mondays and ending on Thursdays. Each day consists of a 9:00am - 5:00pm schedule with a 1 hour lunch break. More information about the Advanced In-Class Training Program can be found HERE.
  • How long does it take to complete the Advanced Online Training Program?
    The average time for most students to complete the required online course work ranges anywhere from 16-20 hours.
  • What topics are covered in the Advanced Online Training Program?
    The Advanced Online Training Program is comprised of three seperate levels. Level 1(Basic Training), Level 2 (Anatomy & Physiology) and Level 3 (Advanced Training). Topics include but are not limitied to, System Functions and Capabilities, Establishing a Practice, Business Marketing Strategies, Creating Custom Protocols, Utilizing Advanced Protocols, Surrogate Testing, Supplementation Recommendation, etc.
  • Do I need to be a licensed medical professional to understand what is taught?
    Although it is not required that you be educated in any one particular medical background to understand and utilize the QEST4 system, it is highly recommended. The better understanding that you have of the body as a whole, the more you will benefit from the provided training courses.
  • Can the QEST4 system be updated easily?
    Yes. All updates are automatically downloaded via the internet. Also, all software updates come free for the life of the QEST4 system.
  • Can I add additional products to the database or is the QEST4 system restricted to proprietary products?
    Yes. The QEST4 system is an open, expandable bio-energetic system. It is pre-loaded with a library of over 60,000 energetic signatures of homeopathic, nutritional, herbal, and pharmaceutical items, but its flexible software further allows you to add your own virtually unlimited number of products for rapid evaluation of their potential effectiveness for your client.
  • Can I test a client via samples with the QEST4 system?
    Yes. The QEST4 system is fully capable of performing what is called "Surrogate Testing". With this feature the QEST4 user can collect a number of samples (e.g. hair, urine, nails or saliva) and perform the same energetic evaluation as if the client were being tested in the office.
  • Can the QEST4 system encode energetic signatures?
    Yes. The QEST4 system has the capability of not only recording energetic responses by the body, but also taking specific energetic signatures the body best responds to and encoding them into various carrier products.
  • Why is a laser included with the QEST4 system?
    A class 3A Laser is included with the QEST4 system for the purpose of encoding energetic signatures into it via the Test Plate and delivering specific information to various acupuncture points of the body.
  • What is the difference between the Mobile and Original QEST4 system?
    In regards to software, functions and capabilities, both versions of the QEST4 system are identical. The main differences are as follows: Mobile System: - Battery life if in constant use is 12-14 hours - Has built in electrodes and the capability to add plug-ins for sample (surrogate) testing - Extremely portable and lightweight - Requires computer with bluetooth compatibility Original System: - Battery life if in constant use is up to 72 hours - Uses wired electrodes for in-office testing or sample (surrogate) testing - Extremely durable and lightweight - Connected to computer via a single cable
  • Does the QEST4 system need to be connected to the internet to work?
    No. The QEST4 system does not require internet connection to operate any of it's numerous features or capabilites. One exception to this rule is that internet connection would be required for the QEST4 system to both search for/utilize any available software updates that are offered.
  • Do I have to be a licensed medical professional to buy a QEST4 system?
    Although there are numerous medical professionals who have chosen to incorporate the QEST4 system into their practice, there is no official requirement to be licensed in any one particular medical background to purchase and utilize this technology.
  • How do I speak with someone about purchasing the QEST4 system?
    If you are interested in learning more about the QEST4 system or are looking to move forward with the purchase, you can reach us by calling Natural Solutions, PHC directly at (229) 777-7712. Office hours are Mon - Fri. 9:00AM - 5:00PM EST.
  • How much does the QEST4 system cost?
    To learn the price of the QEST4 system and much more, click HERE.
  • Does the QEST4 system come with a warranty?
    Yes. The QEST4 system comes with a full 1 year warranty. If necessary, QEST4 users have the ability to purchase an extended warranty that can provide full coverage for as long as it is desired. Details of coverage can be provided upon request. Contact us HERE.
  • How long will it take for my purchased QEST4 system to arrive?
    If the purchase was made within the United States, your QEST4 system should arrive within 2 business days from the date the purchase was finalized.
  • What is the return policy on the QEST4 system?
    You can request to be emailed the details of the QEST4 system return policy by clicking HERE.
  • Which forms of payment are accepted when purchasing a QEST4 system?
    All major US credit cards are accepted. Visa, Discover, MasterCard, American Express, etc. Other forms of acceptable payment are wire transfer and cashier's check. Financing options can be offered in some cases. Click HERE to request more info on this subject.
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